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We like to share our knowledge..

What counts for us is not only to share our expertise on healthcare environments, but also to change the thinking perspective towards the direction of the people which will use our designs.


A deep understanding of the context is important..

By thoroughly investigating the situation, combining the current world-wide knowledge in research, with qualitative field research on the spot. We can dig deep and get a good view on the current visible and invisible problems and generate intelligent and creative solutions.

Providing Insight

Big stories often have small beginnings..

We think it is important to surface and show the small things. The stories of people who live/work and heal in the hospital can give a better understanding of the core issues surrounding many of the problems in healthcare today.

Designing Solutions

Making the problem visible is one thing, creating the solution is another…

Combining research and design is essential in generating creative solutions for many of the issues we are facing today. By working closely with our clients and by combining the ways of thinking we can achieve great results.



Studio Schaap is founded in November 2012, as a continuation of the graduation project of Jasper Schaap. Studio-Schaap is a small startup with a background in Architecture as well as Industrial Design. We work in different fields, like architecture, interaction design, interior design and experience design, with a focus on the Healthcare environments.


We have worked with various Hospitals in the Netherlands. We see our young minds as an asset, making fresh suggestions, which sometimes can be blunt, but nevertheless trying to make a serious improvement of existing conditions.


We think good design starts with thinking from the perspective of the user. Discovering and digging deep into the context of the user, will provide inspiration for new ways of thinking. We combine this with our passion to transform well thought ideas in simple, beautiful and good design.


Technology is changing the world in a fast pace, and there is still a lot to come. We think this will provide a lot of possibilities for improvement in areas we didn’t expect it yet to happen. Especially in the field of Healthcare, there are a lot of possibilities. The challenge is to adapt and design these technologies in such a way to the benefit and needs of the user.


Primary School, Rotterdam Design for a primary school in Rotterdam
Interiors United 2012 Exhibition design for a bedding company
The Experience of Cancer Research and Design for the Oncological Center
Cancer Center Leiden Design for an Oncological Center
Europan 12 – Fit Finland Competition entry for Europan 12-Helsinki
Logistic System Interface Improvement of the chemotherapy process


Jasper Schaap

Founder/Healthcare Design Consultant

Jasper Schaap (1988) is an architect and industrial designer with a interest in the way the environment influences our experience and if the environment can contribute to a better well being, certainly in the field of Healthcare.

This was his starting point for his graduation project, where he combined his fascination for experience with his interest in healthcare design.

It is his belief that a combination between research methods from Architecture and Industrial Design Engineering can strengthen each other and play a positive role in improving future healthcare environments. His goal is to strive for a future patient environment where the patients and staff experience is the starting point of the development rather than the end result of the design process.

Jasper Schaap currently is studying a second Master of Science degree in Design for Interaction at the Faculty of Industrial Design engineering, Delft University of Technology. Focusing on the experience of Healthcare environments.


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